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In this page I plan to collect all my findings and discoveries about this machine.
I would like to thank Tobi@s from Goprawn’s forum, who made the real effort of discovering how firmware for Novatek chipset is packed and arranged, and figured out how to repack it again and identified flags that made possible modifying the bitrate, resolution and fps, and finally released a bunch of utilities for doing so.

Memorable credit goes also to Hugoboss00 from the same forum, who after months of stopped development did the finding that corrected the bug present in Tobia@s’ tools, making them finally work with our machine.

Now about the real stuff. The following downloads are firmware images for the original MovieMaker machine, each one supporting a different set of bitrate and resolution. Every attempt I made about changing the framerate was unsuccessful: from the worst case where the machine would work but wouldn’t record videos to the ones were, no matter which bitrate I set, the resulting files were @30fps.

So the only effective changes in the following list of modified firmware are bitrate and resolution.

How to flash

Just unzip the file after download, rename it to plain  FWDV180N.bin, copy it on an SD card, put it into your Wolverine and turn the machine on. The LED above the Power button will blink several times, indicating that the machine is being flashed properly. After a while, the machine will reboot with the new firmware installed. It’s better to remove the card and erase the image file, in order to avoid possible infinite firmware updating loops.



 Resolution Aspect Ratio Bitrate File Description
960×720 4:3 8000 FWDV180N_original Original firmware without modification in case you want to restore the original settings
720×576 4:3 16000 FWDV180N_720x576_8000 PAL DVD resolution
960×720 4:3 16000 FWDV180N_960x720_24fps_8000
1440×1080 4:3 16000 FWDV180N_1440x1080_24fps_8000
1920×1080 16:9 16000 FWDV180N__1920x1080_24fps_8000 Unless your footage was shoot with an anamorphic lens, this will look stretched on your LCD TV (or you’ll have to manually switch the aspect ratio of the set to 4:3)

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3 thoughts on “Wolverine Reels2Digital MovieMaker”

  1. Hi,
    After the search for a better and higer quality 8mm to digital film, i came to your site. Thanks for the firmware.
    I see the site is last updated dec 2017. Do you have a newer firmware available?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

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